Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The website that I built ( dedicated to keeping Timbaland fans informed, and promoting the man himself, has been what has made my persona in the Timbo world. The web site was formerly known as and Timbaland Heaven was established in late 1999 and was the second Timbaland website that ever exsisted. Three years before that, it was a one page website with one photo that went by the address For many years, that page was the ONLY Timbaland site that exsisted. The labels weren't even promoting him. All together, it has been nine years that I have been proudly serving the Timbaland community...and through attempted copy cats...The Ultimate Timbaland Fan Destination will never be discontinued for the sake of its fans and in support of Mr. Mosley. This website has now become Timbaland's Official Online Fan Club.

With that being said, I have encountered my weakness. I have encountered my downfall; The label. First, it started with Interscope records stepping in with creating a Timbaland Myspace page....when he already had one up. Feeling confused and in a situation where I faced "passing it over or risking deletion" I passed the page over to the label. In the end, I learned that Timbaland appreciated my work more than I thought. He wanted me involved with the Myspace so it ended with the label and my team ended up working together. At first I was a little iffy, but I realize now that it's a good idea. "The label" has the money and the power, while I have the communication and talent. That combined = hotness.

It would have been great if would have stopped there, yeah?

Well now I just found out they built a website...why does this bother me? Because they want it to become "The Ulimate Timbaland Desination"...(sounds familiar). I am paying out of my pocket for Tim's site to be why should I continue if some one else is getting paid to do so now? I am more angry at the fact that "The Label" should have been doing this YEARS ago. I put alot of work into what I do and I have reached a point where....I am Defeated. I believe I am ready to wave the flag and give up. I will never step down from my title, and I will never stop supporting Tim. But maybe I should step back and let the label do their thing. Competing isn't helping Tim....*sigh*

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